about me

All materials that I use in my products are of the highest quality. The leather used in all of my articles usually bovine. Selected to have minor irregularities possible, being a natural product, untreated synthetically, may have differences in texture or grain, but this is not considered a defect, on the contrary, it is a feature that provides exclusivity.The skin used for making balls is selected to be of high quality. The felt is 100% wool, which provides a special touch.
For all this, my products have a quality and unbeatable presence, each Chop-cup is made exclusively for each client, not made in series, what adds special value, YOUR CHOP-CUP or CUP & BALLS will always be unique and unrepeatable.
The whole process is handmade, from cutting, marking, sewing, topped, waxed…
The same occurs with my other products, Ropes, Slates, Coin stacks……
Each SET that I manufacture has all my love and patience.
Miguel Pizarro ®